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San Fermínes

A series of idents promotiong the San Fermines running with the bulls. The strong simplistic design was already established and it was up to Birdbox to create these fun ads in the same uique style. The official start of the Sanfermines is with the traditional txupinazo. This consists of the launching of a rocket from[...]
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Ogilvy came to us with a lovely idea about the days of the week all having their separate personalities and poor Monday being the one that nobody really likes because, well, he’s Monday. We developed several TV spots where our unhappy hero is perked up by the arrival of Olivieri pasta which is perfect on[...]
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Crusha decided to moved away from their previous low-fi cut-out style but kept the cats in this TV and cinema campaign. The animated spots were set in a TV cooking-show kitchen and end with the line: “Make milk Crushalicious.” Birdbox designed the new gaggle of cute kittens and translated Errol for TV.
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Bank of Queensland in Australia where looking to give their bank a friendly face. The campaign included a huge amount of both off and online work. Once the characters were established they appeared everywhere in branches throughout the country. The adverts all had the same gentle and conversational delivery of lines to accompany the friendly[...]
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Penguin, Puffin and Ladybird books needed their characters to come to life. The brief required their iconic characters to enter the screen, each showing their own personality, before settling into their famous poses. It was important we kept the strong silhouettes and ensure the characters were recognisable on any frame.  The result was a great[...]
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Bernard Matthews

Birdbox were excited to produce the TV adverts and idents for the rebranding of Bernard Matthews. The new £3 million branding used illustration and focused on Great Witchingham Hall, where Bernard Matthews started the business in 1950. Birdbox were the perfect fit to bring to life the world of Bernard Matthews and the characters within the[...]
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