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Design, Storyboarding and Animation

An Animation Studio Crafting Joy in Every Frame

Birdbox Studio is an animation studio that prides itself on beautifully animated and elegantly crafted work. Over more than ten years the studio has covered everything from page to screen: branding visuals both online and offline, TV series, educational film, promotional videos, advertising and a stack of short funny films that have been seen by millions worldwide.

We aspire to do more than just deliver on brief but to enhance your ideas and give life to your brand. 

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    Design And Development

    Taking your ideas and developing them visually. Character design. Background design. Scriptwriting. Brand design. Everything you need to kickstart a project.
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    Storyboarding & Animatics

    Taking your script and bringing it to life. Storyboards, colour boards, animatics (a moving storyboard) with sound effects and music and VO.
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    Animation Production

    Bringing everything together. 2D and 3D animation production to final picture.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."

Founded as a animation studio in 2010, Birdbox became a household name in the world of short animated film. Expanding from shorts to series, the pilot of the Nickelodeon hit show “It’s Pony” was conceived and produced at Birdbox where it became the first show to be picked up outside of the US. The show, which ran for 2 seasons and 80 episodes, revolved around a girl and her lovable if difficult Pony and their life in the city.

Going back to its roots, the new shorts program will be looking to release one unique short film a month. Using the talents of newcomers and old hands to produce a minute of joy to brighten up the world in the singular way only animation can.


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