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San Fermínes

A series of idents promotiong the San Fermines running with the bulls. The strong simplistic design was already established and it was up to Birdbox to create these fun ads in the same uique style.

The official start of the Sanfermines is with the traditional txupinazo. This consists of the launching of a rocket from the balcony of Pamplona City Hall after the shout: “Pamploneses, pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín, Gora San Fermín! The town hall square is full of people dressed in pure white celebrating the start of the sanfermines. Until the txupinazo, those present are not allowed to wear the red kerchief.

These elements are all included in some way or form on the TV spots but each with a unique twist.

The running with the bulls consists of running in front of 6 bulls and 6 steers for 875 metres until they reach the bullring. Terrifying.

  • Client:EL EXILIO
  • Tags:advertising, 2D
  • Project Type:2D animation

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